Fluid Check

It’s always a little unnerving when you notice a puddle of fluid under your car, on the floor of your garage or driveway. Whether it’s coolant, power steering fluid, motor oil, or transmission fluid, Dupage Tire & Auto Center Inc has you covered and can find and fix the leak – fast! Dupage Tire & Auto Center Inc is your source for a quick affordable oil change, transmission fluid check, or auto repair service in Lombard, IL and surrounding areas.

What car fluids do: Fluids, including engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze/coolant and power steering fluid, keep the vital parts of your vehicle lubricated and working like it should. Engine oil is necessary for the total greasing of your engine and components, and must be inspected and replaced regularly. Transmission fluid keeps your transmission running smoothly and prevents slipping. Brake fluid helps the braking system by transferring force into pressure. Antifreeze and coolant help to keep your engine from overheating, and the lines from freezing in lower temperatures. Lastly, power steering fluid helps in the power steering function of your vehicle.

Lombard, IL Automotive Fluid Check

Why automotive fluid service is important: In order to help your vehicle function effectively, fluids have to be kept full and clean from particles. Each of your fluids should be inspected and changed at normal intervals to prevent them from burning, depleting, or from collecting fragments.

If you notice your vehicle leaking fluids, here are a couple of ways to recognize what those leaks may be:

  • Radiator fluid is bright green and very slippery. It must be checked frequently.
  • Antifreeze, or coolant, could be pink or green and is hazardous to your pets. Ingesting this fluid creates a significant health danger to mammals. Antifreeze must be checked and filled with every oil change.
  • Brake fluid is a light yellow and can change to a foggy brown color scheme when mixed with water. You must have this fluid changed every year to ensure brake security.
  • Power steering fluid has a yellow tint. It can easily be checked and filled with oil changes.
  • Automatic transmission fluid has a deep red shade. It has a sharp odor and is thick in structure and needs to be changed about every 30,000 miles. A lack of transmission fluid can cause a transmission to stick or slip
  • Windshield washer fluid can be any color - from brilliant blue, orange, to pink or yellow. It has the consistency of water and could smell rather pleasant. It needs to be filled regularly.
  • Motor oil may be brilliant or dark brown depending on how often you change it. Frequently changed motor oil will be light brown, while aged motor oil will be a darker tone. You must have your motor oil changed every 3000-5000 miles.
  • Gasoline has an amber shade, yet you may recognize its incredibly unique odor. It is highly combustible, so prevent any type of open fires: lighters, matches, or cigarettes.

Bring your automobile in to Dupage Tire & Auto Center Inc and make sure your automobile's fluids are:

  • Topped off to the appropriate degree
  • Clean and free from fragments
  • Flushed and replaced as required

Dupage Tire & Auto Center Inc provides Auto Fluid Check & Service Lombard, IL

Remember to schedule your routine oil change, transmission flush, and coolant flushes with Dupage Tire & Auto Center Inc to maintain your vehicle at its top performance in Lombard, IL and surrounding areas. Contact Dupage Tire & Auto Center Inc today to book your next fluid check and auto repair service in Lombard, IL and surrounding areas. We are glad to be your number one choice for auto repair and tires in Lombard, IL.